5 Essential Things I Always Take to a Show

There is a tonne of gear you need with you when your packing up for a show and some of them are pretty obvious – I know someone who forgot the horse once. With all the necessary and sometimes unnecessary stuff we bring with us, there are a few essentials that I always take that are a little beyond the obvious.

  1. Spare Show Jacket  – Yeh I know you think I’m mad, but I’m clearly not. It’s been more than once that I’ve been slobbered on by my horse or toddler, I’ve seen riders hit the deck (yes, at a dressage show – I know embarrassing), the heavens open during your first test and putting on a wet jacket again is soooo gross. I’ve even been in the situation where my jacket is a little too flashy for the judge so I’ve changed it before the test!
  2. Spare clothes, even down to your knickers and bra. This goes for the guys too (maybe not the bra, unless thats your thing), whether it’s roasting hot or pouring down with rain driving home in sweaty/wet clothing is yuck. So a change of clothes is vital.
  3. Your trailer lock – You don’t know what is going to happen to you or your transport when your going to a show. Always bring the lock for your trailer, just incase you have to leave it somewhere.
  4. A warm rug for your horse – This is Ireland and you can’t predict the weather. I’ve left the yard when the weather is reasonable, when I arrive at the venue there is a baltic wind and she’s freezing. I’ve even had to put my jackets on her to keep her warm.
  5. Lunge line or very long lead rope – For lunging the giddiness out of them and for all kinds of wonderful things. Your lunge line may be needed to help load your horse because they fell in love with the stallion next to them. You may also need it to lead them around if they are as high as a kite. A lunge line is safer in this situation.

So there you have it, if you haven’t taken the kitchen sink you probably need that too.

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