Knickers in a Twist

I have a massive hatred of underpants when it comes to horse riding. Unless they are suspended under your feet, cross-threaded to each leg and hung from your bra, they have a tendency to attempt a gynaecological examination at high speed.

I had mentioned this to Collette, owner of Dressage by Design and she had told me (really it was more of a nagging) that I should get myself a pair of the Derrière Equestrian underpants. I was not too convinced, however after a wrestling match similar to the epic fail of Zoolander trying to remove his jocks from under his trousers I finally submitted to Collette’s suggestion of a solution.

Driving to the yard with my padded behind, I was still a little unsure. I asked my husband if he could see my padded booty and after much examination he didn’t notice they were there. Truthfully I think he was delighted I was giving him permission to look at my bum. Poor Michael who works in our yard had the terrifying task of taking photos of my bum to prove you can’t see it… sorry to all the viewers here.

I was so unbelievably sceptical about these padded panties but, I am a total convert. The padding is amazing when it comes to the, all too close contact, of the dressage saddle. For the first time in months my foofoo was unscathed following an hour of half pass and sitting trot. When it came to the collected canter work it was amazing, I was cushioned and protected like a princess, my delicates were treated so delicately. So confidant in my cushioned undies, I have even gone for a forty minute hack in walk and have not needed an icepack when I arrived back at the yard.

The whole time I rode and wandered around the yard they never budged or attempted to go north. I tried the briefs and loved the wide waist band, however, I felt that I would possibly have been more comfortable in the boy pants for the feeling of ‘security’.

So to conclude, the Derriere equestrian underpants are comfortable and don’t show under your jodhpurs. The pretty pink padding cushions your bum and lady garden, making riding with your seat less like a negative experience with a belt sander and more like silk knickers and summer breeze. Because the padding is so well engineered it doesn’t try to go crawling where it really shouldn’t. And finally as an added bonus (and this is huge considering its 3 degrees outside at the moment) it keeps your bum all cosy against the cold. They come in a range of sizes, colours and shapes including a G-string style.

You do need to look after your heavenly underpants, and you will want to too. They need to be washed at 30 on a delicate wash and if you can I would hand wash them. Use gentle detergents, avoid fabric softeners and wash as soon as you can – all this will help keep the integrity of the set foam. Remember too they won’t fare well in the dryer either, so treat them as delicately as the place they are used for.

Thanks Collette for recommending these and twisting my arm (or untwisting my knickers), I will be back to Dressage by Design ASAP to buy me a truck load of those heavenly pants!

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