The Effing Big Truck

Duchess can’t travel with a partition, being the delicate creature that she is, she became highly irrational one day and started to scramble in the box. So off to West Wood Trailers in Nass we went to get two full bars so she could travel like a queen.

About three years ago I was heading out to a show a noticed that the back brace bar on my trailer had gone missing. So, the brace bar thief made off with the back bar one day and never returned. The bar that was stollen, happened to be the one that had teeth marks in it. Oh, My horse didn’t put those there though. No, that was the one that was swapped for my smooth new one at Cavan Equestrian Centre a while back – seems that these brace bars have a tendency to walk regularly.

To be honest I’ve been a little lazy getting the bar replaced. They are €105 new and I had one for the front of the box so I was happy enough not using the back one. It was one of those things that went out of your mind as soon as you parked up the trailer and locked it up. Until this week, that is.

I was coming back from my Rodrigo Matos lesson and happy plodding along the Clane – Kilcock road. I was doing 85km, not exactly Driving Miss Daisy speed, and the road is an 80km road. To my horror on one of the straight stretches I was over taken… by an articulated truck, towing a bloody crane!

The horse box is 4.3m long and the jeep is 5.4m long making it a total of 9.7m not exactly a short vehicle to overtake. To add to this there was a van coming towards us on the other side. The van driver had to stop and pull in and I slowed down as quick as I could, just to get rid of the truck. To say I s**t myself would be an understatement, I can’t comment for the van driver … but you could almost smell him!

The next day I was in West Wood Trailers buying a new brace bar, then to the local motor factors for a can of luminous green spray paint. Rob that, ye’s gits!

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